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Ranking Heroes

Agency full of people to whom everyone turns when the metrics are in focus. Good or bad, we will make them better – try us.

Being in a hero business bears a great responsibility of saving, defending, and improving the quality of your metrics. By being both solution designers and builders, we asure you that nothing will suprise us and that we are always ready for action!

meet the heroes

Who are we?

Heroic Rankings was formed not so long ago, as a small team of data-driven skilled individuals who value their work more than they value your money. We’ve built this agency based on the lean start-up principle, continually analyzing, experimenting, and finding out what works.

We are thinkers, and we are doers.

We focus our skills on crafting digital products, be it websites, apps, or complex systems that are smart, beautiful, and aligned with your customer goals and business objectives. And we do this across multiple touchpoints to empower your organization’s growth.

Promising Design


Our promising design has the potential to captivate and engage users, driving them to take action and creating a lasting impression.

Brand Growth


We are increasing the value and recognition of a brand through consistent messaging and delivering quality products or services

Extensive SEO


Our team follows the latest SEO trends to make sure we can implement a comprehensive approach to optimizing your website for search engines

KPI Tracking


The main KPIs are set at the very beginning and we are making sure to update them each month to stay updated with our progress.

Advanced Reports


We make sure to plan, progress, track and achieve the goals we set for each of our clients. We don’t just say this, we show it to you.

Perfect Solutions


With a deep understanding of your business goals, we craft tailored solutions that drive success and overcome challenges.


The Fastest and Most Effective Solution Discovery

Reaching out


When you contact us, one of us will get back to you and arrange a call. Even if we live in different parts of the world and time zones, we are glad to organize our calls around your schedule.

Initial call and interview


The aim of the initial call is to learn as much as we can about you, your company, and your marketing needs. What is your vision? What are your goals and aspirations? What would you love to achieve, but isn’t working for whatever reason?

Gathering project information


We strive for building long-lasting partner relationships with our clients, which is why we need to know how much of our help you actually need. Do you prefer being involved in the work, or do you want us to take care of everything (under your approval)?

Determining budgets


What comes next is discussion about your budget. According to all the information you provide, we will advise you on the most optimal marketing strategy for your company and where we think you should focus your activities.



We will analyze your website, go through the findings, and advise you on what needs to be improved to boost conversions. Also, we will suggest what you should be doing that you aren’t doing.


Heroic Team Awaits YOU!

nebojsa jankovic ceo heroic rankings

Nebojsa Janković


nenad stamenkovic chief operational officer and head of growth heroic rankings

Nenad Stamenković

COO / Growth Marketer

stefan cvetkovic director of link building heroic rankings

Stefan Cvetković

Content Manager

nikola zlatkovic head of design heroic rankings

Nikola Zlatković

Head of Design

anastasija jankovic account manager heroic rankings

Anastasija Janković

Account Manager

aleksa team foto edited 1

Aleksa Radović

Link Building Manager

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